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A family-run company serving Rio for over 25 years

We wanted to create something different.  Something unique.  Something that didn't exist. 

To provide an even more exhilarating, more immersive experience of our marvelous city.  Combining our experience in guided tours with our passion for former military 4x4 vehicles, we launched Jeep Tour in 1992 with our dream.  Gratefully, we've served hundreds of thousands of tourists from all corners of the world.  

Our fleet of trucks have all been meticulously remodeled to accommodate convertible style cruising approved for tourism.  Inside our garage we have mechanics, painters, electricians, even upholstery - all maintenance is in house. Our company is a legal and safe option to ride jeeps in the city of Rio.  So you can ride top-down with all your 5 senses turned on, snap selfies and enjoy the wind in your hair.  A true 360° experience!

As we are a small family company, our team is also part of the family.  We have teammates with us since the beginning, and Andre the founder is still hands-on to this day.  Our family also extends to our furry friends that arrive in our garage as strays, malnourished and sickly.  We do make sure they find forever homes, or they become part of our home.  We've recently noticed that a family of monkeys use the wires extending across the garage, as a safe passage to the Quintal de Boa Vista park that's next door.  We simply love animals, and all things nature.  It's part of our DNA!

(Advance explanation for why we have animal photos in our postings ;-)


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