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What we are doing to fight the CORONAVIRUS

First of all, we hope that everyone is safe and well!

We remain united seeking to go through this phase of great challenges, in the certainty that our reunion will be soon.

The Jeep Tour has been closely monitoring and working throughout this pandemic with local and national authorities a series of protective measures to maintain our high-quality standard, providing greater safety and health for you and our collaborators during operations.

We recently received from the Ministry of Tourism and the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro the "Responsible Tourism Clean and Safe" and "Conscious Tourism RJ" stamps, where we commit ourselves to reinforce these measures every day.

Here are some of these measures:

  • Mandatory use of masks for guides, drivers and customers;

  • We intensify the cleaning of our jeeps, buses, and vans, before, during and after each operation, including ozone oxy-sanitization in closed vehicles;

  • We make 70º alcohol available in our vehicles for constant use by customers and collaborators during all operations;

  • We reduce the passenger capacity in all our vehicles by up to 50% according to each situation;

  • Training our collaborators on the guidelines of the World Health Organization;

  • Daily monitoring of the health of our collaborators;

  • Guidance to customers on the importance of personal hygiene measures;

  • Immediate removal for home isolation of collaborators with flu-like symptoms;

  • The entire fleet has already undergone maintenance and is being prepared for resumption within the required standards.

For greater safety, we recommend our jeeps without a canopy, where there is the full circulation of natural ventilation which promotes a COVID ZERO environment!

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