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With a place named "Valley of Love" its gotta be good, right? 

And well, it is.  And its just an hour or so outside of the city of Rio.

The local resident and owner of this land, (appropriately name "Gardener of God"), dreamed of creating an oasis of spirituality and peace for all to enjoy.  And we are sooooo grateful he did.  


His personal spiritual growth helped him discover the man-earth connection.  A perspective of spiritual emancipation through the healing power of love of neighbor.  With this, he created gardens of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Candomblé, among other religions.  The gardens are alive with plant landscape designs, sculptures, and the surrounding flora and fauna of the mountainous region. 

Everyone is invited, everyone is included.


In this tour, you'll learn all about the history and philosophy of this sacred place.  You'll have ample time to relax and unwind.  Breathe those deep breaths, and cleanse the soul of the business of our day to day lives.  But the tour doesn't end here!  We take you, by jeep, to a waterfall nearby, to complete your reinvigoration.  Dive into that cold, deep blue water, where you can truly feel refreshed.


The roads to the Valley of Love are often unusable for a regular car.  So you're lucky to be traveling in a 4x4 off-road vehicle, you'll get there when others can't.  Life is good top-down!

TO BRING: Camera, sunglasses, hat, water, comfortable shoes, layered clothes appropriate for the weather.

**bathing suit & towel if you plan to take a dip in the waterfall**

INCLUDED: Local guide, pick up & drop off in the Petrópolis region, all tickets entrance & fees.

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