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PICK UP TIMES BETWEEN 8-9:00 OR 13-14:00

One thing that makes Rio so beautiful is the lush green everywhere.  The Tijuca Rainforest, plays a large role in keeping the city green and protecting its water sources.  Home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, waterfalls, trails, vistas and more, spending a few hours in this jungle refreshes and reinvigorates with ease.  You'll visit waterfalls, the famous Vista Chinesa, take an easy trail, and learn about the history of this immense urban forest (perhaps the largest in the world), which was reclaimed from farm land in the 19th century.

The rainforest tour is our hallmark tour - the first tour we began to offer way back in 1992!  It was our main inspiration for the kind of vehicles we use.  If you don't have the time to walk & hike through the vast area, how can you enjoy the jungle while enclosed in a car with a top?  You can't.  Not very much at least. 

So we cut off the tops of these fierce former military vehicles, and experimented in creating a comfortable ride, open to the breeze and vistas - a true 360 degree experience. 

That's the way you should visit the rainforest in Rio :)

Cruising top-down with us means in your journey through the forest you'll feel completely

immersed in the jungle!  Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, toucans, iguanas, funky insects... 

Catching all the views at every turn.  

TO BRING: Camera, sunglasses, hat, water, comfortable shoes, layered clothes appropriate for the weather. 

**bathing suit & towel if you plan to take a dip in the waterfall**

INCLUDED: Local guide, pick up & drop off at your hotel, all tickets & entrance fees.

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