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PICK UP TIMES BETWEEN 8-9:00 OR 13-14:00

A tour that combines two of our best sellers - the beauty of nature and the beauty of the favela community!

In our rainforest tour, you'll be engulfed by nature and lush green forest as you cruise top down through the largest urban forest in the world.  A visit to Cascatinha waterfall, the Chinese Vista, a lovely chapel, and a walk down a simple trail will provide a perfect quick escape of the busy city below.  The forest is home to many jungle creatures, so be sure to have your camera ready!

The tour continues along the ride of the rainforest jungle and into the next jungle - Favela Rocinha!  Equal in beauty, but certainly of a different kind.  Stretched above the richest neighborhoods of the city of Rio with over 150.000 residents lies the largest favela in all of Brazil.  This contrast and all its peculiarities is in one word… IMPRESSIVE.  As you can imagine, Rocinha itself is a set of contrasts.  Our guests share that this tour has been a life experience - something positive and emotional.  Joining us, you will enter the community and see a side of Rio beyond the postcards.   Our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, you'll learn about the history of Brazil, of Rio de Janeiro, of industrialization and expansion, and how the favelas of Rio have always played an important role in the fabric of the city.


Here you'll see people with limited means but unlimited smiles.  You'll explore their streets full of vibrancy and of life.  You'll interact with local artisans selling their goods (bring some cash in case you want to purchase a keepsake :)  And you're jaw will drop with those amazing views of the coastline!   A local capoeira show is also part of the tour, stops for photos at each corner, a visit to the Lage (look out spot of the favela), and much more. Part of your tour will be by foot and having a personal experience with the community.  Upon leaving Rochina, your 360 view continues as the jeep passes the beach where all the hang gliders land!  You take the coastline drive back to your drop off point, once again seeing how absolutely gorgeous Rio is.


Without a doubt, you'll end this tour with a new perspective on your own life, a camera full of memories to share, and a heart that much fuller.

Important to note: Jeep Tour has been providing tours of Rocinha for literally decades.  It was the first partnered company to enter for tourism, and is the most well known and advantageous option to visit the community.  Rest assured - your safety is of our sincere concern and we always avoid any risky situations in our tours.

TO BRING: Camera, sunglasses, hat, water, comfortable shoes, layered clothes appropriate for the weather.

INCLUDED: Local guide, pick up & drop off at your hotel, all tickets & entrance fees.

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