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There is a breathtaking world outside the hustle & bustle of the city,  with a rare museum hidden in the forest, a rum distillery on a family farm, and a gorgeous 3km stretch of virgin beach – all with open arms to share their slice of heaven with you.  (Ohhhh how we are so blessed.)


This “Tropical Paradise” is located in the west part of Rio, roughly 1 hour from Copacabana.  Spending a day with us, riding with the top down, breathing in all the sights and smells will absolutely melt your worries away.   

We depart from the south side of Rio and once reaching the Barra neighborhood we cut to the beach front.  Then taking this vast open beach drive until reaching the base of hills the Atlantic forest, will lead us to the first treasure stop – Museu do Pontal.  This museum is filled with detailed hand made clay miniatures, depicting daily life across all parts of the country. Not only is the collection of 8.500 pieces made between 300 artists impressive, its location in the middle of the jungle is simply awesome.


From there we continue to the Brazilian rum (aka cachaça) distillery, Maxi Cana. Ever taste a ginger cachaça? Or with cinnamon? We get a special tasting of their unique blends, learn about their chemical-free distillation process, all within a tropical farm.  Hold onto your hats & glasses because this next leg takes us up a very steep road.  On the ascent we have gorgeous views of the Restinga of Marambaia, a unique ecosystem of swamp lands with a sand strait of 42km.  Simply stunning.  On the descent, our jaws drop with the coastline of Grumari beach.  The backdrop of a tropical mountain range extending to the pristine turquoise waters.  

Possibly the best little-known treasure of Rio.


At the tail end of the beach there is a small wooden kiosk, with tables overlooking the beach.  We get settled for some time to enjoy the sun & surf as our homemade Brazilian style lunch* is made.    

With our bellies full and our skin sun-kissed, our journey back to the city hugs the coastline for even more stunning views.    A complete day away from the crowds, a visual and

taste adventure that you will surely never forget!

TO BRING: Camera, sunglasses, hat, water, comfortable shoes, layered clothes appropriate for the weather.

**bathing suit & towel for swimming in the ocean**

INCLUDED: Local guide, pick up & drop off at your hotel, all tickets entrance & fees.

*Lunch includes fish or chicken.  Vegetarian option also available – just let us know in advance :)

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