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Immerse all your five senses, while riding top-down in a Jeep through the mountainous region of Brejal.   A rural area where the first organic farming in Rio started, in the 70s.  Blessed with waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and still home to dozens of small family farms – the charm of rustic life gives you a much different perspective from the crowded beaches of Rio!  (And ohhh… all the fresh air you will breathe :)


Brejal is up high, with an altitude of more than 1.200 meters, and the mountains even higher.  The rich forests are home to endangered species, which makes organic farming practices even more important – preventing harsh chemicals enter in the soil and water sources.  You’ll see “vineyards” of chuchu, a local vegetable that grows just like grapes do, sprawling across the hills.  You’ll see rows and rows of different lettuces and kales and sooooo many varieties of limes you never even knew existed!  There’s also a farm that specifically produces herbs, both fresh and dried, ensuring that all those yummy organic dishes you cook up are exquisitely well seasoned.  

Visiting these small family farms you’ll learn about their way of life and see how passionate they are to maintain their precious ecosystem.  It’s a beautiful thing to see man and nature in harmony.  The people of Brejal are a tight knit community, helping one another and always trying to improve the way of life for thy neighbor.  There are groups that provide means for women to sell their knitting wares, healthy and sustainable focused cooking classes for the the children of local farmers, to name a few.  Come visit and you’ll understand what makes this place so darn special.

There is an association of over 20 different families in the region that offer daily visits to their properties, and offer experiences too - ranging from tastings of chocolates, liquors, jams & sauces, organic lunches, horseback riding, even organic dog treats.  Including pousadas to stay the night and make your trip extra special.

We would be happy to help you put together the tour best suited for you. 

Alternatively, we already have two tours designed and ready to go.  Both explore the rich and vast Brejal region, however one is more focused on nature and the other on cuisine.

> Enchanted Brejal is a shorter trip (4 hours), includes a hike and a waterfall dip, and also includes visits to a local organic farms.

> Flavors of Brejal is an all day affair (8 hours) and covers a larger terrain, with a visit to the famous horse stables, local organic farms, tastings of local jams & sauces and includes a fabulous organic and locally sourced lunch, nestled in the woods with spectacular views.

TO BRING: Camera, sunglasses, hat, water, comfortable shoes, layered clothes appropriate for the weather.

**This tour is in a rural area with dirt roads. This means sun, wind, and dirt! 

Come prepared for a small adventure**

INCLUDED: Local guide, pick up & drop off in the Petrópolis region, all tickets entrance & fees.

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